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    • Asphalt and Tarmac Contractors - Your Driveway Deserves a Better Look

      Based on a given performance record, driveways, parking lots, airfields and patios are mostly constructed with materials like asphalt and tarmac. Tarmac driveways are easy to repair and offer a very good surface for vehicles to drive over. From the beginning of 1900, road construction started off with tarmacadam and till now this procedure is carried on by many expert tarmac contractors Dublin.

      Propaving is an experienced paving company which excels in offering numerous types of driveway and patio alternatives, along with providing basic concrete, gravel driveway and driveway resurfacing services. With a wide array of efficient services, like concrete repairs, tarmacadam driveways, imprinted concrete designs and decorative gravel, Propaving has secured a name of its own in the whole of Dublin. So, if you really want to get a dose of high quality work for your home that will be both high on looks and durability, you need to contact our expert tarmacadam contractors

      How tarmacadam driveways are constructed?

      An efficient tarmac contractor begins work by layering broken rocks and concrete over a rocky surface. Once the layering is done, minute materials are piled over it and smoothened using a roller to make the surface even. By using rollers, the contractors make the materials tight and pulled together. Sometimes, even new materials are created in this manner. Hence, the entire process is quite unique and effective in constructing a sturdy driveway for you and your vehicle.

      Finally, when the layers are tight and even, a layer of tar is evenly spread on the previous layer and made even by passing a roller on them. Rollers will make sure no cracks or holes are left open in the former layer. No doubt, the process of construction of driveways and parking lots is productive, but you need to find the right driveway contractors who can do the job with ease and efficiency.

      Difference between tarmac and asphalt

      Although tarmac and asphalt driveway may appear to be similar to the common eye, they are indeed quite different. The word tarmac has its roots in 1800s, when John Loudon McAdam for the first time created a pavement by using crushed gravel throughout the surface of the road. However, it is Edgar Purnell Hooley who has actual patents on this word, tarmac, but over the years it is commonly used to denote any type of surfaced road, despite being a registered trademark.

      Nowadays, asphalt mixtures, a better version of tarmac are used to construct roads and driveways. To ensure longevity, naturally composed tar is replaced by bitumen from the oil industry and this new version is called asphalt in Ireland. Asphalt version is relatively cheaper when used on larger surfaces than tarmac prices. Hence, owing to its cost-effective nature, many asphalt companies helps in constructing roads, driveways, pathways, car parks in all over Ireland. Though it is mostly in the colour black, if needed it can be changed into blue, green, orange, golden or red, depending on the clients’ requirement.

      So, if you are looking to renovate or construct a new driveway or patio then contact Propaving, as we are one of the leading paving companies in Dublin